I-Size Child Car Seats

I-Size car seats for children Child car seats can be a mine field for parents when deciding which one to buy and how to fit it. There is now a development in this area called I-size seats. These seats are designed to be used from birth to a minimum of 15 months, which will allow […]

Older Drivers Awareness Week

Older drivers awareness week this week. This is an article outlining the issue from a UK perspective, but equally relevant to Jersey. There is a contact number to get further information. The number of older people with a driving licence now exceeds the four million mark, according to data analysis by the RAC Foundation. The […]

MOBILE PHONES – New research on voice activated systems

In 2002 the U.K.’s Transport Research Laboratory found that drivers talking on a hands-free set reacted more slowly than those who were just over the drunken-driving limit. Three years later an Australian study found drivers using phones hands-free or hand-held were four times as likely to crash as those not on the phone. In 2008 […]

City of London Agrees Total 20mph Limits for All Roads

The City of London today voted for a 20mph limit for all roads. The square mile’s landmark vote will raise safety and the quality of life for thousands working in, or visiting, London’s financial hub. The City of London’s full Court of Common Council today (12th September) voted for an area wide 20mph to  protect […]

Black boxes in cars

Should black boxes be mandatory in young drivers’ cars? According to a survey, 46% of parents would like black boxes to be installed in the cars of drivers under the age of 25, tracking speeding and driving style. Would you welcome such a measure?

Airbag technology introduced for motorcyclists

Airbag technology is now available for motorcycle riders and passengers in the UK, in the form of airbag jackets and vests available from Helite. According to Helite, the Helite Airvest is being used by the Thames Valley Police Training School and being evaluated by a number of other police forces. Helite also says that leisure, […]

‘Practice what you preach, urges charity’

A new survey suggests that while almost two-thirds of drivers think “traffic is too fast for the safety of kids on foot and bikes” (64%), and “want action to make walking and cycling safer” (65%), many are not reducing their own speed. The survey, published by Brake and Direct Line, recorded the view of 1,000 […]