Let’s Look Out for Each Other


Each year, many islanders are injured both on and off our roads in areas where we have to share space and we come into conflict with one another as pedestrians, drivers & riders.

We’re running this campaign because we’re really keen that all road users should ‘Look Out for Each Other’ and try to understand the difficulties other road users have when using facilities and help to keep them safe.

We’ve produced leaflets to help you see things from other people’s point of view and we hope this will help you to think about others needs when out and about.

There are also video’s for you to watch on these subjects that are being released each day of the campaign.

If you’d like a copy of the leaflets you can either download them here by left clicking on one of the images or email to request a hard copy to be sent to you.


If you’d like to view the videos, please follow this link ‘Let’s Look Out for Each Other’