Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week starts tomorrow 19th November in Jersey. Jersey’s Fire & Rescue Service are providing a demonstration to students at Highlands College how they cut people out of cars after an accident.  Photos to follow. Paul Newman from the Charity Headway, is at the Co-op Homemaker, St Helier from Tuesda to Sunday this week.  […]

Brits “turning a blind eye” to drink drivers

Brits “turning a blind eye” to drink drivers New research suggests that UK adults are not taking responsibility for their peers when it comes to drinking and driving. New consumer research from Kabbee* and the ‘Don’t Be That Someone’ drink drive campaign found that only 10% of UK adults always prevent their peers from drinking […]

Child Seats and the Law

We have received a message with a question on the legal position on child seats in Jersey. This is a complicated area of the law, and there are twists and turns with it, but in essence, it is a legal requirement in Jersey that all children under the age of 12, being carried in a […]

Mobile Phones causing Child Pedestrian Accidents

The report, written by AXA Insurance and road safety partner RoadSafe, highlights the danger to children of being distracted by smartphones whilst walking to and from school. Texting, tweeting, checking Facebook, surfing the internet and playing games on mobile phones could be responsible for a rise in the number of 11-12 year old children suffering […]