New legislation in Jersey

New legislation has been passed in Jersey for the following four motoring offences.

All can result in loss of licence, fine and or imprisonment if you are found guilty of the offence.

1. Causing serious injury by dangerous driving.
2. Causing death by careless driving,
3. Causing serious injury by careless driving.
4. Causing serious injury by careless driving when under the influence of drink or drugs


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      Hi Colin, The Law as it stands in Jersey say you must not ‘hold’ a mobile phone whilst driving. Therefore you can legally drive and use a hands free device. However, this is not safe. We would strongly recommend that drivers don’t use hands free devices, as the research demonstrates that this is as dangerous as holding your phone. It is thought that the reason for this, is the split in our cognitive functioning when trying to drive and concentrate on a phone conversation. The argument is often put forward that this can be no different to having a conversation with a passenger in the car or listening to a radio programme and therefore no more dangerous. It would appear when experiments have been conducted that this is not generally the case. It is thought the reason for this is that passengers tend to tail their conversation off when they can see the driver having to concentrate more and we are more liable to tune out of a radio programme when we need to concentrate more on the road than when involved in a conversation on the phone. I hope this helps.

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