This is a link to the ‘local authorities road safety officer’s web site, which provides a weekly update of road safety news and initiatives at a local and national level.


This is a link to the States of Jersey Police web site giving safety information, crime information, witness appeals and contact details

A web site providing advice and help in the choosing and fitting of child car seats

This is the UK government’s Department of Transport web site providing information on transport issues, statistics and initiatives nationally.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents runs this sight. It offers information and advice on road safety issues, occupational health, water and leisure activities as well as offering products to purchase and a news section

Run by the UK government, this is the site providing information and news on the governments ‘Think’ road safety campaign. Some statistical information is available as well as a calendar of events with special sections for children, teenagers, parents as well as professionals.

A website run by the Jersey School of Motorcycling, providing information about the courses they offer to new and more experienced motorcylists and moped riders.

States of Jersey Web site full of information of things you might want to know about the government

This link will take you to the Jersey Transport section of the States of Jersey web site which provides local information on such things as driving tests, vehicle registration, fees, information on seat belt laws and a wealth of other useful information.

This link will take you to a web site developed by the Avon Fire & Rescue Service and the Chief Officers Association that explains how drivers should react when hearing Emergency Servies on ‘blue light runs’


This link takes you to the website developed by the ‘Hands Off’ campaign who are dedicated to educate drivers to not use their mobile phone or mobile devices whilst driving