I-Size Child Car Seats

I-Size car seats for children

Child car seats can be a mine field for parents when deciding which one to buy and how to fit it.

There is now a development in this area called I-size seats. These seats are designed to be used from birth to a minimum of 15 months, which will allow children to be rear facing for longer to help protect them from head and neck injuries. These seats will be ISOFIX only, which means they clip into metal brackets fitted into the seats of modern cars, this reduces concerns of getting the routing of a seat belt wrong and potentially placing their child in danger if in a crash. Improved side protection has been built into these seats.

I-size is based on the age and size of the child, rather than weight, which is the measure used for when choosing other types of child seat, it is hoped this change will help parents when choosing the correct car seat for their child.

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