When Driving, Cycling, Walking or Running

‘Don’t Get Distracted’

Our latest road safety campaign ‘Don’t Get Distracted’ is being launched in conjunction with the States of Jersey Police and Jersey’s Honorary Police.

Please see our posters below, you can download and print them, it would be great if you could display them at work, we’re really grateful for any support you can give this campaign, by helping to raise awareness of this important issue to as many people as possible.

The States and Honorary Police are of course focusing on enforcement and Officers are dedicating time and effort to catching and prosecuting those using a mobile phone whilst driving.  Fines at a Parish Hall can be as high as £200 and the Magistrates’ can hand out fines as high as £1000.

Last year 444 drivers in Jersey were prosecuted for using their mobile phone while driving, up from 374 in 2015.

It seems the numbers of people who are driving and using their device do talk, text, check social media and play games on their phone whilst driving, it reaching epidemic levels.  Some commentators talk in terms of people being addicted to their phone.

Research consistently demonstrates that using a mobile telephone whilst driving is dangerous, you are four times more likely to have an accident if driving and using your phone.  Follow this link to see a PowerPoint presentation By Andrew Parkes from the Transport Research Laboratory that outlines the results of research on the subject.

Please either switch your phone off, or put it on silent AND put it somewhere that’s out of sight and reach when you’re driving, keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe. 

The Panel are also concerned that lots of people that are crossing the road whilst using their phone, usually with just a cursory glace to check for traffic, sometimes not checking at all!  Numerous people are also seen using headphones to listen to music, which will also distract them and we would strongly recommend that people don’t use headphones when out walking or jogging.  People tell us they turn the sound down, or only have one ear phone in, it is still likely to distract and make you less aware of your surroundings.

There also seems to be an increase in the number of cyclists using phones, to text, talk or listen to music whilst cycling.  Again the Panel strongly recommend people to not do this whilst cycling, the level of distraction and the affect on cycling skill can be seriously affected and you are placing yourself in real danger.

Here’s a video, to help you consider the consequences of using your phone while driving.

If you think someone is driving when you call them, put the phone down.

Please, don’t get distracted by your mobile phone

Download the latest campaign posters…

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