CBT, Moped & Motorcycling General Information

The Jersey School of Motorcycling Limited is the approved provider of Compulsory Basic Training for Jersey as appointed by Driver and Vehicle Standards Department.  Their website can be found at http://jsmotorcycling.co.uk/

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is legally required for anyone wishing to ride a motorcycle or moped on public roads; it is not an exam, it is a course of training you are required to complete satisfactorily.It is a basic course in motorcycling, but you must show a safe level of competence while on the public road for the last element of training.CBT is designed to be helpful, and not obstructive, and will give you a good start to your riding

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Services offered by the Jersey School of Motorcycling Limited:

  • Pre-tests to prepare riders for the following examinations:
  • MopedCategory P
  • Light MotorcycleCategory A1
  • Heavy MotorcycleCategory A
  • Help with preparation for the Motorcycle Theory Examination
  • Private hourly tuition for all types of motorcyclists from beginners through to advanced riders

How you can avoid the 5 most common motorcycle accidents

Riding a motorbike safely requires both skill and judgment. These are the reasons that many of us ride bikes. The successful use of these abilities makes us feel good and we are keen to be the best.

We can provide information on the 5 most common motorcycle crashes and advice on how you can avoid them. According to an in depth study of motorcycle crashes the 5 most common involve:

  • Bends on country roads
  • Collisions at junctions
  • Collisions while overtaking
  • Loss of control
  • Road surface conditions

Motorcycling is a skill for life and any skill needs to be practiced, honed and developed. If you haven’t been on the bike for a while ease yourself back in to riding gently and think about refresher training.


All our instructors are RoSPA qualified advanced riders, three of which have achieved the highest civilian qualification for Advanced Riding Tuition in the UK.

For more information please contact The Jersey School of Motorcycling Limited on 747431 or email jsmotorcycling@icloud.com