Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Application

CBT is required in Jersey before any provisional motorcycle licence holder can take to the road. The course comprises of the following five elements at of a cost of £118.46 and is offered on Saturdays or Sundays only.

Instructing candidates on the aims of the training course and the importance of having the right equipment and clothing.

Practical on-site training
Will help candidates to familiarise themselves with their motorcycle, how it works, its controls and how to carry out basic machine checks.

Practical on-site riding
Conducted in a safe, enclosed environment and is designed to instruct the candidate on how to handle, ride and fully control their machine in various simulated situations.

Practical on-road training
Comprehensive discussion about riding safely on the road to ensure that candidates are fully aware of the legal requirements, the rules of the road, and the need to ride defensively.

Practical on-road riding
Candidates will be required to put into practice the skills that they have learned during the four previous elements. For safety, candidates are kept in contact with an instructor via radio headsets.

Once all five elements have been successfully completed, the candidate will receive a CBT certificate that validates their provisional licence, thus enabling them to ride on the road.

Before attending for CBT a candidate must have a roadworthy motorcycle, a provisional driving licence for the relevant group required and appropriate insurance cover. In addition, suitable clothing will be needed to complete the course, to include a motorcycle helmet (BSI or ECE approved), motorcycle gloves, a protective jacket, hardwearing trousers and appropriate footwear with ankle protection.

Candidates must study The Jersey Highway Code (which is also available from Parish Halls), and the UK Highway code (which is also available from bookshops), The Official DSA Guide to Riding – the essential skills (also available from bookshops or online www.tso.co.uk) and your motorcycle owner’s manual (supplied with a new machine or available from your dealer) prior to attending the course.

Applying for the course

Please complete the form below and post to the address shown, notifying us in the ‘Unavailable Dates’ box of any weekends that you would not be available to attend within the next three months. Please note that bookings can only be accepted by post. Please enclose the £118.46 course fee with your completed form.

Upon receipt, we will send you an information pack, which will include your allocated course date and all the necessary information that you will need to undertake the course. Please note, once allocated, course dates cannot be changed at short notice without incurring a cancellation fee of £118.46 this amount may also be charged for retests.

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