Crashes at junctions

One of the more likely places to have an accident is at a junction, maybe someone cuts the corner, arrives a bit too quickly as they approach a giveway or stop line, overshoots the giveway or stop line a little, or maybe misjdges speed or distance a little. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES, ease up on […]

City of London Agrees Total 20mph Limits for All Roads

The City of London today voted for a 20mph limit for all roads. The square mile’s landmark vote will raise safety and the quality of life for thousands working in, or visiting, London’s financial hub. The City of London’s full Court of Common Council today (12th September) voted for an area wide 20mph to  protect […]

‘Practice what you preach, urges charity’

A new survey suggests that while almost two-thirds of drivers think “traffic is too fast for the safety of kids on foot and bikes” (64%), and “want action to make walking and cycling safer” (65%), many are not reducing their own speed. The survey, published by Brake and Direct Line, recorded the view of 1,000 […]